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Did i do that?

Just a new "friends only" banner that i whipped up. Nothing special, but i was getting tired of the other one with the friends cast.

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Because i assure you that if you are a friend of mine, you're a nerd.

i'm alive...


anyways, i still haven't had time to update pics of EVERYTHING as of yet. school is winding down and i have to organize/finish so many things.

tension is rising in korea. X_X US and South Korea are doing military exercises. not good.
protests are happening in seoul and other parts of the country. so not good at all.

no idea when my flight is because it hasn't been booked, but i'm making a mini list of things that i'm going to trash and pack. it's surprisingly a lot of trash! i really don't want to pay A LOT for extra baggage. my funds are rather pathetic.

it looks like that trip to the US will have to be pushed back unless my parents will lend me spending cash - doubtful. -_-;

therefore, it's looking to be around may/june (summer time) so i can have money for things like food. O_<

and that is what's going on with me. how about you?

Well, it's that time again....


Yay for us. We're a quarter dead.... -_-;

You know, when we were in middle school, I didn't think that my life would be like this...

<3 and miss you! Have a good one!


So it's official.

I'm going to watch Taeyang live in concert on the 25th with Pao!


I'm honestly excited. This will be my first concert ever (I don't really count that award show I attended in the past) and I'll be hanging out with my friends in Seoul!

I'm more looking foward to getting some awesome shots of him in action.

Taeyang is a SMEXY DANCER!

He also has a mohawk of absolute win!


I've been neglecting my lj as of late.

Ever since I've had to start editing our English books, i've been pretty busy.

So what is new?

Well, i'm going back to the Philippines in a week.

Yes. I'm going back to see my family because i am that homesick! I want to sleep in my own bed, shower alone (O_<) and hold my dog. lol.

I've been thinking about what I want to do after my contract is over in Korea.

Honestly, I don't know. I'd LOVE to move to Northern California, but i'm not sure I can handle such a jump financially. Yes, i could get there, but then i'd probably end up bumming around. *shrugs* We'll see. I'm not the best with making big plans like that. I like surprises.

I am going there by the end of the year/Januarish for kicks. That and I miss Orange County... O_o; Never thought I would say that. lol.

So yes. Everyone on my f-list who is living in the area, be aware that I will be staying at your place to crash for a night or two because i'm cheap like that and don't want to pay for a hotel. I'll make it up to you by cooking... noodles and eggs.... and whatever else i can make without too much hassle... yes, i need to learn to cook. ^_^;

I want to do some travel photography! I'd love to just randomly go around the world and take pictures of people and places (mostly people).

Jul. 23rd, 2010

So this is totally optional, but i would really appreciate the help!

So my best friend is really sad.

She's in Dubai and I can't go over there and be super awesome and cheer her up in person, so i have to get creative.


So grab a piece of paper and write: Badet is AWESOME!

Then take a pic of yourself holding the sign and send it as a PM.

Alright, i understand that some of you may be shy about showing your face or yourselves in general, and that's fine. Take a pic of your fav. stuffed animal holding it. Take a pic of the entire sign covering your face. Honestly, get creative! Write in the sand! Do some mad crazy photoshop! The sky is the limit!


This is Han. She doesn't even know Badet, but i'm gathering as many people as I can. ^_^

So yea, if you can help me do this for her, that would be so incredibly wonderful!

When it's done, i'm going to compile all the pics on facebook and make a fan page for her.

I'm doing my part by going around to random strangers on the street and asking them to pose with my own sign. lol!

It's actually fun and I'm more motivated to do photography now. ^_^

<3 thank you!

Please try to get your works in before the end of July!

3 minutes to midnight

Therefore, I shall make a public post:

Happy Holidays everyone!

Writer's Block: Life is a masquerade

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween? How long do you typically plan your costume? Do you keep it a secret?

Lin and I are sexin' it up this Halloween: 
We're going to CLASH this holiday as we dress up as two leading divas from rival bands. Yes, we're going out Jem style! XD Lin will head towards the light (or perhaps the pink in this case) as she portrays good girl Jem, lead singer of the Holograms, while I bitch it up and go as her rival Pizzazz, frontwoman of the Misfits!

I admit that it was completely SPUR of the moment type of decision when we spazzed out on Facebook deciding what to do, but I think it will be brilliant! We're going to do our own versions (c'mon people. Have you seen Pizzazz's make-up!? I'm not walking around like that!) So, we're sort of modifying it to fit our tastes (well, as much as one could modify bright neon colors! XDXDXDXD)

Showtime Synergy!

For those who aren't 80's children (or cool enough to recall the awesomeness that is Jem), Jem is front center in the Pink and Pizzazz is the sassy gal to her right in green.

Be aware, this Halloween will be TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!


moon cakes are yummy!